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Additionally, Kee Pass is automatically configured to store its settings in the application data directory of the current user.This way multiple users can use one Kee Pass installation without overwriting each other's settings (each user has his own configuration file).Linux vs Windows has been a subject of debate since the inception of computers.This article highlights the pros and cons of both the operating systems, given a set of requirements, it also attempts to show you which OS would be best suited for you.In fact, a common misconception is that Linux is ‘ridiculously complicated’.

MXE builds and installs everything under the same top-level directory and is not relocatable after the first packages are built.

How to choose MXE target: Remark: The 'w64-mingw32' in those names are left-overs from historical evolutions in the open source cross-compilation world and refer in no way to the result being 64 or 32 bit Windows.

Open MP (libgomp) and pthreads (winpthreads) are always available.

Linux comes in various flavours, also known as ‘distributions’.

The most popular Linux distribution is ‘Ubuntu’, pronounced as ‘.

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