Updating cisco ios

For instance, if it's your core switch, and for some reason, you only have one, then you might NOT want to upgrade, unless you HAVE to - and then maybe not to the most recent version, but to the most STABLE version instead.

Now that flash is cheap and large, there doesn’t need to be a different IOS image for the different versions with the advanced features.

The Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) is Cisco's latest and greatest firewall, and it's quickly overtaking the PIX firewall in popularity.

When first released, the ASA 5500 series firewalls came with software version 7.0.

A device that is very critical to the infrastructure may not be as aggressively upgraded as one that is less critical.

Consideration is given to the role of the device, the redundancy surrounding it, and the impact of the upgrade itself by the downtime incurred or by the possibility of having config feature behavior changes or different defaults when going between major versions.

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So you get one software image that has all the features for that platform.

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