Updating metal kitchen cabinets

Some of you have already commented about my metal kitchen table base.

I sort of forgot about it in the midst of my current decorating marathon. In my quest to lighten and brighten the room – it is now white.

You might be tempted to take a jack hammer to whatever awful flooring your kitchen came with, but you can disguise it to save money and not do anything permanent, while still improving the look underfoot.

Of course there are more ways than one to get a project done successfully.Liquid Stainless Steel, on the other hand, is a brush-on paint with larger flakes of stainless steel mixed in for a shinier finish — flakes that would tend to clog an aerosol can.It also comes in a kit with a clear finishing topcoat.The key to getting a very smooth brush-on paint finish on metal surfaces that are thin and rounded is to use a high quality small paint brush., with long flexible bristles.I bought this in the fine art section at the craft store.

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One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to refresh your kitchen is to give the cabinets a little face lift.

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