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Your entry in the College Directory feeds information to Microsoft Outlook, the automated and operator switchboard directories, details held by Human Resources, so it is important that the information held about you is accurate and regularly updated.

If you require help with the College Directory, contact the ICT Service Desk.

The book also covers a bunch of high-level concepts about virality, such as the viral coefficient, viral loops, Rock You’s model for calculating virality, etc.

All in all, a useful intro to all the major concepts in the field.

Each was designed to be a viral business but they didn’t scale. It was these failures, I would argue, that made Bebo possible.

Birch’s first startup was called Lemonlink, a Web-based self-updating address book, which went live in January 2000.

These include detailed dissections of viral companies from all stripes, including: Some of the companies get pages and pages, and others just get a paragraph or two.

But there’s a lot of stories that were new even to me, which is always a good sign, since I tend to love reading this kind of stuff.

This page documents such anti-patterns of social network design and implementation and provides (unfortunately) real world examples of such badly designed sites.Evidence that users have unintentionally sending invite spam to their contacts: As noted by user Valerie Noble on 2008-03-13: Goodreads also has a user interface that misleads even very web-savvy users into unintentionally spamming everyone in their address book.Micki Krimmell wrote both a blog post and a post on Get Satisfaction describing her experience with being tricked into spamming all her friends.Followup to Ning’s Viral Loop article I was recently sent a copy of Viral Loop by Adam Penenberg, which just came out.I was first introduced to Adam in early 2008, when Marc Andreessen wrote us both while Adam was starting to write an article about Ning and their viral loops.

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