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Actually, for us, "managed" is a slight misnomer as we do very little management.

The only settings I change in a new switch are the system name and IP address.

Netgear has begun pushing out beta versions of firmware updates that will address a critical vulnerability that was disclosed late last week.

“While we are working on the production version of the firmware, we are providing a beta version of this firmware release.To find the right firmware file I went to and entered the product name in the search box (Figure A).Figure A The search results include Smartwizard Utility and Smart Control Center (SCC).In an email to , Netgear said that the process of collecting data is "designed to improve the experience with NETGEAR products", and that it "does not track or collect the websites you visit or collect the content of any traffic on your network".The company also argued that this would help improve the stability of its router range, but many customers are angry at the amount of data being scalped, particularly their IP and MAC addresses, according to forums including this What has also riled up customers is that this new data-harvesting tactic is strictly opt-out, meaning users need to manually configure their routers to prevent them from remotely sending data to Netgear.

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