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By separating the database information into a separate file, you can easily keep different versions of the file on each server.

You can also easily store database configuration (or any sensitive information) outside of your project, like inside your Apache configuration, for example.

Firstly, they are just plain PHP objects and so they don’t have any responsibility when it comes to how they are stored.

Secondly they have annotations that describe each property of the class.

Doctrine's sole goal is to give you powerful tools to make database interactions easy and flexible.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to start leveraging Doctrine in your Symfony projects to give you rich database interactions.

In order to correctly design a database, you need to have a good understanding of the different types of relationships you have at hand.

A One-to-One relationship is where one entity is related to exactly one other entity. A One-to-Many relationship is where one entity is related to many other entities. And finally a Many-to-Many relationship is where many entities are related to many other entities.

But there are other one-to-many/many-to-one cases where my previous blog makes more sense.

In order to optimize the Doctrine 2 ORM query we need to use JOIN and add the required entities to the sample.

Here is the optimized repository method code for obtaining a list of posts.

This will cause an SQL error in some database engines.

See Doctrine's Reserved SQL keywords documentation for details on how to properly escape these names.

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For more information, see Setting up the Database to be UTF8 One mistake even seasoned developers make when starting a Symfony project is forgetting to set up default charset and collation on their database, ending up with latin type collations, which are default for most databases.

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