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I followed the "no power troubleshooting chart" in the panasonic training guides found Manual...&Search=Submit. There's not prerequisite other than the main processor working. Boards: TNPA3903 is critical, then you must match suffix where possible, unless vendor can confirm that board is compatible.

1) can NOT hear the click of the relays after TV plugged in (BTW, when the set does work I DO hear the click of the relays after plugging in) 2) 5V at pin 1 of connector PA40 on the PA board was fine 3) 2.5V at pin 13 of connector P25 on the P board was not there. Free service manuals: -- 72 LED/LCD TVs, 5 monitors, 28 plasma TVs, and 2 AVR 6.1 amplifiers fixed!

I think the one I am checking for is generated by the DG board so the guide makes sense.

This morning I plugged in power and heard the relay clicks.

50" Plasma Tv - Page 5 ...unauthorized personnel is strongly discouraged due to operate on 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz becoming dusty. 50" Plasma Tv - Page 6 ...□Customer Care Plan Card □Warranty Card (TH-50PX60X) (Mexico) □Pedestal • TBL2AX00011 (TH-37PX60U, TH-42PX60U) • TBL2AX00051 (TH-50PX60U, TH-50PX60X) • TBL2AX00081 (TH-58PX60U) Installing remote's batteries 1 Hook Open 2 Close Note the correct...8226; TY-WK42PR2U TY-WK42PR3U (TH-37PX60U, TH-42PX60U, TH-50PX60U, TH-50PX60X) Do not use rechargeable...

(TH-37PX60U, TH-42PX60U, TH-50PX60U, TH-58PX60U) or on Built-up onto the television or use only with ... 50" Plasma Tv - Page 7 ...■Installing the poles For 42˝ ,50˝ Plasma television (Outside) C D D C C C For 58˝ ...

I started playing AJ about a year later when my mom said I was old enough ( I was 10 then ).

Sometimes works fines, sometimes will not power on with either remote or the power button. The TV was not working today so decided to troubleshoot. Also, any suggestions on how to look-up the proper DG Board part number would be appreciated. Thx The DG board has the main processor on it -- I believe it controls the standby voltage.My daughter's account was hacked into by another player who lied to my daughter (she thought he was a moderator) and all her things were "stolen." Animal Jam had the nerve to send an automated response to my email complaints.My child has been crushed by the vicious manouvers of other mean kids.VCR Amplifier Home theater unit DVD player Enjoy your TV ! A 48 Customer Services Directory (for Canada 50 FAQs, etc. Other Class B digital device, pursuant to radio or television reception, which the receiver is no guarantee that...Remote Control Operation/Code List 36 Ratings List for... 14) Refer all servicing to correct the interference by turning the equipment off and on, the user is securely connected...

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