Updating the roomtype class

There is an empty configuration by default shipped with every release of Open Meetings, the room type "custom" (ID = 5).

You can use that and extend it, or you can add more room types to fit your use case.

If an entity has fields that you don't want to persist, you can annotate them using To persist a field, Room must have access to it.

You can make a field public, or you can provide a setter and getter for it.

However, you can not post to individual students if more than one class is included.

If you use setter and getter methods, keep in mind that they're based on Java Beans conventions in Room.

If you want to create your own styled room the best thing to do in order to be "update-save" is to create your own custom room type.

Academic department staff members, with the required class schedule access, enter the class schedule into Banner during January for Fall terms, April for Spring terms, and October for Summer terms.

Class schedule production training is available to departments through online resources and organized training sessions in October.

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Any user-initiated content changes are then synced to the server after the device is back online.

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