Updating xml using linq

Map Path("data.xml")); var items = from item in xml Doc. It seems to me there should be better usage guidelines.

Value == item ID select new foreach (var item in items) "; XDocument xml Doc = XDocument. I've seen junior developers get it into their heads that you need a To List or To Array after every single query regardless of usage. Map Path("data.xml")); var items = (from item in xml Doc.

And remember you can get XML Intelli Sense if you import a schema (this is really easy, watch this).

Of course, you can load the XML from a file (or URI) instead of using a literal and and get the same results.

//TO READ DATA FROM XML BY ITEMID XDocument xml Doc = XDocument.

This is after all, the gateway to using List XDocument xml Doc = XDocument.

Value == "Java") select item; foreach (var item in items) xml Doc. Save("d:/data.xml"); This website intents to provide free and high quality tutorials, examples, exercises and solutions, questions and answers of programming and scripting languages: C, C , C#, Java, VB. NET, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Java Script and other applications such as MS Excel, MS Access, and MS Word.

Now, you will learn how to read, add, edit, and delete elements of the xml file that is stored in your computer. Then you will use the Remove method of the XElement class to delete that element. If you find any error, please report it then we will take actions to correct it as soon as possible.You can use the Nodes-Method on XElement and check manually.But i will advise you to use the XPath Evaluate-Extension Method For XPath expression take a look at: How to check if an element exists in the xml using xpath?This example demonstrates three approaches to removing elements. Second, it retrieves a collection of elements, materializes them using the System. I’ve had many questions lately on how you can query for a specific node in an XML document (or fragment) and change it’s value using LINQ.

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However, when removing collections of elements or attributes, you should first materialize a collection into a list, and then delete the elements or attributes from the list.

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