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a few torrent sites will be banning all utorrent versions up to 1.5, which I think is due to dht (maybe not) and have asked for everyone to install v1.6 asap otherwise an error will appear in utorrent. ZA has worked fine up until now and there has been no issue with ZA. Don't forget to make sure that you change the "net.max_halfopen" setting under advanced preferences to 80% of the maximum half open connections that you set with the patch. SYS after the last set of updates and reset the max half open settings. Again, I'm not going to remove a piece of software like ZA, that has worked perfectly well up until this upgrade because everyone says its junk without substantiating with evidence why it is junk. To state it again, even running utorrent with ZA fully unloaded out of memory DHT does exactly the same thing. The guy on the Utorrent forum sounds completely ignorant and I should uninstall ZA because in his opinion its junk and it might have *something* to do with it. The problem sounds like it might be something like "bootstrap" info, but I dont know how to manually check this. There may be a small incompatibility between the settings of v1.5 and v1.6 as wiping out and recreating the settings file in %appdata% did the trick - either that or the upgrade process corrupts the file in some way. Give a noob a break or are you too L33T to do that ? Go to C:\Documents and Settings\"your profile name"\Application Data\u Torrent Delete the and old While you are at it, you may as well delete and as well. You will have to go back into the Preferences in the Utorrent menu and reset any custom settings that you had. Is that with 1.6 or 1.5, cause 1.6 was working for me for a few days, then died in the arse...

I even tried this with ZA turned off and there is no difference, so ZA isn't the scapegoat here. I have 1.6 installed and it works ok, this morning I have a green tick and 278 nodes on DHT, no other firewall installed, only the Xp generic one which I do not use anyway. To state again, DHT broke once I upgraded from v1.5 to v1.6Downgrading back to 1.5 and DHT remains broken. The fact that the client comes up with the green tick and the Listening Port doesnt appear to be blocked and that a straight torrent with no DHT works fine, leads me to believe that the solution may be something like this. DHT picked up 175 nodes in a matter of seconds after this. There may be a small incompatibility between the settings of v1.5 and v1.6 as wiping out and recreating the settings file in %appdata% did the trick - either that or the upgrade process corrupts the file in some way. Cant get DHT to work no matter what i do, and i know speeds are crap because of my ISP (dont get me started) but utorrent doesnt seem like its working properly, even with torrents that have DHT normally (ie non private ones cause i know a lot of the private trackers have disabled it)...

Firewall is Zone Alarm v6.1.744.001 (no change - autoupdate is turned off). By the way there is an existing thread for u Torrent related questions.

In early 2001, variations on the protocol (first implemented in proprietary and closed source clients) allowed an improvement in scalability.

Ian Clarke's resulting unpublished report "A distributed decentralized information storage and retrieval system" (1999) provided foundation for the seminal paper written in collaboration with other researchers, "Freenet: A Distributed Anonymous Information Storage and Retrieval System" (2001).

Researchers suggested that Freenet can provide anonymity on the Internet by storing small encrypted snippets of content distributed on the computers of its users and connecting only through intermediate computers which pass on requests for content and sending them back without knowing the contents of the full file, similar to how routers on the Internet route packets without knowing anything about files—except Freenet has caching, a layer of strong encryption, and no reliance on centralized structures.

A "peer" is a client/server listening on a TCP port that implements the Bit Torrent protocol.

A "node" is a client/server listening on a UDP port implementing the distributed hash table protocol.

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