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This expression works if there is one validation error.

Error event and Notify On Validation Error.) Now that we understand how all these tie together, next question is how to display the error messages.

The second textbox is data bound to a column Join Date in the Employee table.

The example will raise validation errors if the date format is not correct.

This slows down your application and causes the following message in your debug window: System. Data Error: 16 : Cannot get ‘Item[]‘ value (type ‘Validation Error’) from ‘(Validation. when you're new to WPF it's not obvious sometimes what goes where or what references are needed etc. How will you stop user from going to next page till user clears all validations on this page? As soon as user will click submit button, all client side validators will validate and of any of them fails then user remains on the same page. I have a little problem in this validation process.

Errors)’ (type ‘Read Only Observable Collection`1′). I don't wan't to show user the validation errors (red border on controls) before they try to save the form.

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