Validating persistence model

But one thing that I think constantly trips people up is when they think object validity on a context independent way such as an is Valid method implies.I think it's much more useful to think of validation as something that's bound to a context - typically an action that you want to do.

We will demonstrate saving and loading models in several languages using the popular MNIST dataset for handwritten digit recognition (Le Cun et al., 1998; available from the Lib SVM dataset page).This blog post gives an early overview, code examples, and a few details of MLlib’s persistence API.Key features of ML persistence include: Thanks to all of the community contributors who helped make this big leap forward in MLlib!Actually, Reform is very simple and consists of several smaller objects.Each object has a very specific scope one does exactly one thing, where the actual form object orchestrates between those. Twins are light-weight decorator objects from the Disposable gem.

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