Validating rail tickets in italy

However, after years of validation mishaps, sleeping through our stops, train strikes, and sitting on the floor of an over-sold train, we’ve learned our fair share of lessons.

Through trial and error, we now consider ourselves proficient at getting by when it comes to train transportation. The good news, is that you can benefit from our mistakes (someone has to benefit)!

They are different from the train tickets discussed here.

I think the 4 euro is just a standard train ticket, but probably out of date.

are good for 5, 10 and 20 kilometers, you have to validate them at the yellow machines in the station before you start your journey. This solution is certainly the most economically advantageous but it seems that the Park intends to force all visitors to the Cinque Terre Cards, in this case we will inform you in time!

Worth to note that the "Cinque Terre Cards" are for walking the trails of the park around the villages and as of now are not needed to enter the villages.

The validity of the Cinque Terre train ticket is specifically designed to allow you to visit multiple or all towns on the one ticket. An alternative for those who decide not to walk and want only to move by train would be to buy a round trip ticket Sestri Levante - Riomaggiore at a cost of € 4.00 per person each way (always with the regional trains), this ticket has a validity of 6 hours from the validation time and you can stop about 1 hour in every village.The high speed train line runs right down the center of Italy.The main stops are Salerno – Naples – Rome – Florence – Bologna – Milan – Turin (be familiar with their Italian names Salerno – Napoli – Roma – Firenze – Bologna – Milano – Torino).I understand if you ride Amtrak, or commuter rail in the New York City area, the notion of validation may seem odd since the conductors punch every ticket, but my friend also clarified why it’s necessary—trains in Italy are often big enough, and conductors few enough, that a conductor may not reach you before the end of your journey.You could easily leave the train with a ticket that could be used again.

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