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Benefits of QUMAS Packaged Solutions: Click Here to Download the QUMAS Packaged Solutions Brochure QUMAS Packaged Solutions QUMAS Packaged Solutions are based on the flagship QUMAS solutions QUMAS Doc Compliance™ and QUMAS Process Compliance™.

As an off-the-shelf regulatory content management system, Doc Compliance ensures enterprise-wide consistency and compliance.

However, Microsoft tools often face the brunt of users’ frustration for hidden glitches, and MS Outlook is no exception to this.

As crucial as MS Outlook is to manage your work life, some errors can crop up out of nowhere to put a halt, albeit a temporary one, to the regular flow of your daily activities.

Some of these common problems with Outlook include freezing, start-up issues, sluggish working, problems with profile handling, etc.

In this discussion, we will be focusing on such common Outlook problems and their solutions.

Software Developer – Responsible for building software products that utilize Microsoft FIPS 140 validated cryptographic modules.

This document is broken into seven major sections: FIPS 140 Overview – Provides an overview of the FIPS 140 standard as well as provides some historical information about the standard.

When the inevitable challenges arise, we establish risk mitigation and contingency plans to overcome the obstacles.

We have deployed solutions in over 350 programs in more than 95 countries.

QUMAS offers a number of Packaged Solutions providing pre-defined & pre-tested configurations of Document content management or Process management for common industry problems.

Each Package is designed to address a specific business function and includes all required software, implementation services, training, and documentation to support that business function.

Packages may be combined and built upon over time to address multiple areas of the business while maintaining a single, robust compliance platform.

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Though most of them should work with other versions of Outlook too, you should be aware that they might not.

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