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Finally talk to a girl, Throw your dream journal in the urinal,' Cause with tap shoes and a girdle Dreams really can come true...(You're living proof! "This shit could never ever be too loud for me, So help us help you armpit fart,' Cause we're only gettin' started... Take off your shirt, Eat a fistful of dirt, Never learn, Get a sunburn,' Cause it looks good on you. "This shit could never ever be too loud for me, So help us help you armpit fart,' Cause we're only gettin' started... Yeah, we're only gettin' started.(Dance and bleed, Karate chop, And pray good times will never Stop!"Anarchy Burger" indeed offers up some advice on how to ransack the system with such suggestions as "Go to school naked" or the ever rock solid "Say 'fuck' in front of your mom", which is sure to topple the government of your choice."The Legend of Pat Brown" (who, incidentally, tried to run the cops down) is a mid paced number that is sure to get everyone in your vehicle of mass destruction to sing along.

Amidst the scabrous lyrics (such as the mock-cannibalistic "Hungry for You," which parodies the starving musician anthem in a rather unusual way) and the loud and fast punk attitude, there are actually some intriguing ideas and clever melodies.

The Vandals were founded in Huntington Beach, CA -- also home to the Crowd and T. The following year, they appeared as themselves in director Penelope Spheeris' punk drama, Suburbia.

The Vandals continued to play around Orange County when they could over the next few years, including a tongue-in-cheek benefit show for the Young Republicans in 1984.

As evidenced by the title, Artist haven't grown up at all on their fifth album, Live Fast Diarrhea. More music songs Appreciate My Honesty, Behind The Music, My Girlfriend's Dead, My First X-Mas, Marry Me, An Idea For a Movie, Disproportioned Head.

They still pound out three-chord punk at a fast clip, shouting out jokey vulgarities. More music songs I've Got an Ape Drape, Too Much Drama, The New You, How They Getcha, Cafe 405, And Now We Dance, Soccer Mom.

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Perhaps everyone is stuck in a single time period, unable to move on, but that aside, Peace Thru Vandalism is just great.

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