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Nine Republican AGs, from states stretching from Montana to South Carolina, penned a letter to Ms. The EEOC contends the companies broke federal law by using criminal background checks in employment decisions.Berrien and the commission last week complaining about the "substantive position" the agency has taken against retailer Dollar General and a U. The AGs rip apart that legal theory, noting that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination "on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin," not criminality, and that "neither lawsuit alleges overt racial discrimination or discriminatory intent." The EEOC's guidance issued in April last year, presumably to give a legal veneer to the subsequently filed lawsuits, "incorrectly applies the law" too.He’s a big guy with a big, Texas drawl and an outsize personality.

Background checks also include finding a bankruptcy - and depending on the position you are being offered, this may or may not be relevant. Bite the bullet and get it done so you can move on.editorial board attacked decades-old employment discrimination precedent under Title VII by incorrectly describing the law and selectively quoting a letter written by nine Republican attorneys general to support her faulty argument.editorial board member Mary Kissel has a history of smearing civil rights precedent that holds racial discrimination is illegal if it has an unjustified disproportionate effect on historically protected groups. True has drawn attention and users in part because it promises the safest online dating experience. So I looked at the divorce rate at 50 percent and decided we could do something about that.” By “we,” he means True.com, an online dating competitor to Match, e Harmony, Yahoo Personals, and others.

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