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Martins Press), explains why it was a true Hollywood romance — because from the beginning, Holmes was playing a part.

When Tom Cruise turned 42, his best friend, controversial Scientology leader David Miscavige, threw a lavish birthday party, costing an estimated 0,000, on board the church’s cruise ship.

Out of pity her boss tells her about a job in Palm Beach that will hook her up with the rich and affluent.

With really no other options available, Megan is flown to Palm Beach for the job interview — meeting cosmetic executive Laurel Limoges (Anne Archer) in her super glamorous home.

Fonda, daughter of Hollywood legend Henry and a huge star in her own right, was dubbed “Hanoi Jane” after she was photographed at an anti-aircraft battery with North Vietnamese soldiers.

She said the story reminded her of the 1957 classic 12 Angry Men, in which one juror — played by Fonda’s father — persuades the other 11 of a man’s innocence as they are preparing to condemn him.Tuesday, Tom’s 50th birthday, will lack some “evers.” He will be in his trailer in the wilds of Iceland, where he is filming the aptly named “Oblivion.” Instead of the expected cards and presents from Katie Holmes, she sent him a confetti of legal papers and correspondence marking the end of their five-year marriage. Holmes’ bombshell, in the midst of his international publicity campaign for “Rock of Ages,” in which he stars as an aging singer, shows exquisite if cruel timing.PHOTOS: TOM CRUISE AND KATIE HOLMES KATIE PLOTTED ESCAPE FOR WEEKS At least one thing he knows he’ll get is a call from Miscavige, to congratulate and console. Tom has admitted he was “blindsided” by her decision, just as Nicole Kidman, his second wife, was stunned when he abruptly decided to end their 10-year marriage even though she was pregnant.While talking with Charlie in her crappy Manhattan apartment, her apartment catches on fire, forcing her to take the fire escape — in a towel.Next we see Megan (with what she calls Peppermint Patty hair) at the tabloid magazine trying to explain to her boss why she wrote a story a certain way, but her boss doesn’t think she has what it takes to write tabloid journalism.

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