Who is dating drake bell

The bride wore a lovely wedding dress befitting a princess.

Drake has a tendency to get Josh in trouble with the things he does.

Drake also happens to be more successful with girls as he has had many ex-girlfriends and is also credited to be the best kisser by his current girlfriend, Carly and his ex-girlfriends, Lucy and Christine.

Drake has a bad habit of lying to people often his mother Audrey, the victim of it, which is why she prefers to trust Josh rather than Drake sometimes.

Drake is not a strong or tough person as he was beaten up by his ex-girlfriend, Lucy and has been carried by Josh countless times.

Drake doesn't use his common sense most of the time and doesn't mind failing school, despite all this Drake is known to have better luck than Josh.

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Tonight, Rihanna is performing at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards and, ahead of the show, Drake gave a performance at a Vegas club with Rihanna hanging out in the crowd.

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