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Detectives last night confirmed that they believe the collision, the worst on a British road since 1991, may have been caused by smoke from a nearby firework display, which obscured drivers’ vision.

Officers from Avon and Somerset police are to investigate the display, which took place at Taunton Rugby Club.

In particular, they will examine whether the club had permission from the local council and the police before staging the event.

More than 50 people were taken to hospital after the collision. A wheelchair-bound father and his young daughter were on their way home from a funeral when they became victims of the accident.

The gang then try and find Ross and come across Emma Barton's car on the road.

Thinking that Ross is inside, they barge it from the road and cause it to crash.

Then sure enough, when the episodes actually air, she inevitably finds some clever method of wriggling her way out of it.

fans are ready to see the back of Emma after so much lying and scheming.

Her father Michael, believed to be 67, and her sister Maggie, thought to be 23, died.

When word first started to leak out about Emma's exit, some early tabloid reports suggested that she might be heading out in a body bag.

Even so, many of the rumours and speculation surrounding this have seemed clear as mud, if we're honest.

Later, in a series of messages, she added: “Keep telling myself I’ll be ok but nothing will ever be the same, it just won’t…Instead of mourning your death I’ll celebrate your life…wish you would hold me one last time.” Later Mr Brice’s elderly mother Jean confirmed her son’s death.

Speaking at her home in Bristol, she said: “It is the way that he died that is so terrible, it wasn’t self-inflicted.

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“As soon as it happened, they were gone, it was this inferno, my son didn't stand a chance. He never got to say goodbye, he came over every Tuesday.

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