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Sampson was £ 100,000 and the opportunity to appear before Prince Charles as a prize for his first place.

At its peak, 14.4 million viewers watched the finale of Britain's Got Talent saw on , and the use of the song in the performance of the winner received renewed interest in the music, which then on 8 June 2008 to number one on the hit parade climbed.In his spare time he danced on the streets of his hometown, but he had gathered some more young people around him, with whom he practiced street dance.Already in 2007 he had applied for a place in the first series of Britain 's Got Talent, but was not appointed to the finals.Since he and his family and friends were convinced of his talent, he did not give up, applied a year later and was able to convince the jury this time.Judge Simon Cowell said of Sampson's performance: "Last year I found you fantastic, this year you're phenomenal.

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