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She found that the nucleus accumbens and the ventral tegmental, or the brain's "rewards centers," lit up and unleashed dopamine.It is visual proof that when we're infatuated, we're literally drunk on love. She realized that this very slowness gave him the patience to read Shakespeare, talk fluently about Plato, and truly appreciate a painting—all traits she was attracted to. "I told myself, Yes, he's walking really slowly, but this very slowness has created someone who's willing to read 700 pages of ." In other words, our brains are malleable.

In fact, Jeff Fisher had four different 7-9 seasons over 22 years, and another that finished at 7-8-1.

Her origin story got an extra jolt of scandalous energy when Fisher was only two years old—and her father left her mother for Reynolds’ close friend, Elizabeth Taylor.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the bookish Fisher eventually caught the acting bug herself; she had her Broadway debut at the age of 15, and made her first appearance on the big screen in Hal Ashby’s 1975 comedy , appearing opposite huge stars like Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn.

As a result, we're We can thank evolution for this ability to focus on the giddy, so-in-love feeling and block out (almost) everything else. We're not stuck with first impressions—and that means even a not-so-amazing first date could turn into a meaningful relationship, if we let it."Reframing is very powerful," says Wendy Suzuki, Ph.

From a biological perspective, "the most important thing we do with our lives is to find a mating partner—to send our lineage to the next generation," says Fisher. "For years, I went out with a man who was really slow. D., a neuroscientist at New York University and author of . When you say something positive, and you do it again and again, you're reframing the thoughts that run through your mind." So, before a date, it can be as simple as swapping .

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That means that of his ten seasons, Sean Payton has finished 7-9 in 40% of them. While we are on the topic, Dick Jauron is the only other coach to have three straight 7-9 seasons as a head coach. Tom Coughlin went an 6-10 in five of his 20 seasons, 25% of his years in the NFL Dan Reeves went 5-11 in three different seasons.

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