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Rather than Nick Lachey chilling with a smokin' hot girlfriend (Vanessa Minnillo) or Matt Leinart with a young son (Cole), the two buddies have decided that it's probably a lot more fun to hang with hot, young chicks! Nik Richie at the The got these photos of the two stud muffins hanging hot tub-side at Matt's place in Arizona over the weekend.TMZ posted the photos earlier this afternoon, and we've got a few of them here ...I was dared to kiss this cute eighth-grade chick–a girl who would soon enter my up-the-skirt masturbating mind.I hesitated and licked my lips before planting the kiss.Whomever I had a crush on at the time would wind up as my jerk-victim.When I first started to cum in seventh grade, I thought something was wrong with my dick, and I should have been aiming my jizz in a sink or container since everything that ever came out of my penis had always gone into a toilet.

However, there still is some information available about Brynn Cameron, Blake Griffin’s girlfriend. According to The New York Times, Cameron played basketball at the University of Southern California, graduating with the class of 2009.Who cares if Tony Romo and Tom Brady actually excel on the football field?Matt Leinart is intent on following in their celebrity gossip footsteps!I'm so happy there's a lid on my wine bc they're blowing my mind.I remember when I saw my own cum for the first time.

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I was in middle school and ignorant, especially since I’d never seen it before.

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