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Not just for the obese, Ponton said they want people who are on the ‘slide’.

"You don’t have to be 180 kilos for bad health or bad habits to adversely affect your life," he said.

At the end of May, Michelle gave an exclusive interview to Who to confirm that she and Steve were dating, making it clear that they did not conduct an affair and only went into a relationship after they had both split from their respective partners.

(Michelle separated from her husband of nine years, Bill Moore, in March, but they remain friends and business partners.) It appears as though Steve is trying to make things work with the mother of his two daughters, Froso.

profile on Monday night brought up old wounds, including her ex-husband Bill Moore's heartbreak over their 2013 marriage breakdown.

The 45-year-old's long-time business partner revealed that he didn't want their nine-year marriage to end, but Michelle felt it was time to part ways. I felt like I didn't want to leave the relationship, I didn't want it to end," Bill said on camera.

Ipso facto, MB is being called a marriage wrecking whore, a shameful human being and you know, Slutty Mc Slutterson of Slutsville. (But is that true of any couple when their lives and finances and everything else are so intertwined? Not helping is the fact that the word “affair” has been bandied about a lot by his now ex-de facto wife (who goes by the name, Froso) in an interview she did with Woman’s Day. Not having kids apparently makes MB a cold-hearted bitch. And of course she’s now being portrayed as the immoral strumpet who lured away the heart-of-gold family man. We all need to shut up with our mud-slinging and our opinions. And while nobody wants to give the tick of approval to an affair when children are involved … The only people who really know what’s going on inside a marriage are the two people in it.

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Both parties denied allegations of an affair at the time.

Now, Michelle and Commando have their own child together, five-month-old son Axel, and life couldn't be better.

"Rather than just the people who are 200 plus kilos, we want people who are on the slide — and if something doesn’t come up now then they’re going to end up super unhealthy and overweight in the future." I'm so excited to be stepping up as a trainer alongside the legend @shannanponton on the all new version of The Biggest Loser: Transformed, with the gorgeous @fionafalkiner returning to host.

I can't wait to bring a fresh feel to the show and prove that health and fitness can be a fun and uplifting lifestyle!

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