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Even after being promoted to a full-time field agent, Mc Gee continued on wearing the suits.

He often wears his watch on his right hand and has his holster containing his SIG Sauer and his NCIS badge on his left hip due to the fact that he is left-handed.

Sometimes we get three or four installation jobs a week.

During the lean periods we may get two jobs a month.

is a classic that we will watch every single year (and probably multiple times at that).

As we get ready to kick off Halloween season, we're taking a moment to revisit the classic film by checking up on where two of its child stars are now.

"The big picture is more important that the little minutiae of every day and worrying about things. He needs to stop worrying so much." Whether or not Weatherly could return to guest on "NCIS" is anyone's guess at this point.

"I personally love having Jennifer and Wilmer there," Murray says.

Timothy "Tim" Farragut Mc Gee is an NCIS Special Agent and also the current Senior Field Agent assigned to the main NCIS Major Case Response Team in the Navy Yard Washington D. with the team under the command of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

WATCH: Exclusive Clip of Michael Weatherly’s Final Scenes on “The relationship between Mc Gee and Tony is something that, for us, has always been special, something we found early on, and we worked on over the years,” Murray said.

“We have a very similar sense of humor, and we know each other’s timing.

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Mc Gee and Delilah became engaged after she recovered from a terrorist bombing in Washington, D. "When Delilah was in the explosion, the doctors had mentioned there could be complications down the road," Murray told Fox News. Her [collapse] happens in the middle of all the wedding preparations." Delilah’s collapse isn’t caused by the stress of planning a wedding.

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