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She joins David Ury, who will be playing Schizo-Head, one half of murderous team of brothers living inside Murder World.

And then I made the other guy the Hitler clown, so I sort of… I didn’t want to do the clichéd clown so it kind of went all over the place. We go over every aspect from makeup, hair, body, the sound of her, the toothpick she’s going to chew, how she’s going to say her lines. She has appeared in all of Zombie’s movies to date, most notably playing Baby in follows five carnival workers who are kidnapped the night before Halloween and held hostage in a large secret compound known as Murder World.Once there, they have 12 hours to survive a terrifying game in which ‘The Heads’- murderous maniacs dressed as clowns – are released to hunt them down and kill them.It may be more of an action movie than we’ve usually come to expect from Zombie, but features his many trademarks: weird and specific characters, grotesque violence and sensuality, Super 8 film stock and an uncompromisingly bleak storyline. Rob Zombie: I actually toned down the clown element, truthfully, because at first I thought, “Clowns! once I get done with them they’ve never looked like that before. Rob Zombie: I don’t do it intentionally but it’s like, I can only create what’s in my head so everything that goes on screen is essentially me. Sheri Moon Zombie: And the music in his films, you have a real distinctive trademark I think with what you do. I sat down with Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie the day after Rob Zombie: Well first you have to ask yourself, were they ever funny to begin with? He was already ruining clowns back in the Twenties. Sheri Moon Zombie: Oh, I do remember that…Rob Zombie: I just remember there’s a Super 8 film my parents took of taking me to see Ronald Mc Donald when I was a little tiny kid, and I’m screaming in terror as I’m approaching Ronald, and this is like some weird guy with bright red hair and a white face. ” but then as I got into it, I was like, the hair and makeup sometimes starts taking away [from] the actors so much that I started getting away from it. Like, Jeff Daniel Phillips is a good example: every picture with Jeff Daniel Phillips, pre-meeting me, [he’s] clean shaven, short hair, always playing like a nerd. Rob Zombie: I guess in a sense I’m trying to make the films that I wish someone else would make, that I would enjoy. I mean, I don’t know how we would shoot it but in a way I almost picture the Groucho film the way Woody Allen’s Manhattan kooks, in a sense. Real…Rob Zombie: Black and white, just really beautiful, even though it’s that time period where Groucho’s life was real garish and colorful. But yeah, I like the idea of just doing something totally, totally different.

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