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After all, she started her career working for Chanel’s beauty department. ” I’m in control of how I feel, no matter how anybody else is doing. You can’t assume that the other person is doing it to make you feel one way or another. ” It was so I understood what it was to be honest and not pretend.When she switched up her career and became an actress, she still retained her passion for all things beauty. But I’m glad I didn’t." data-reactid="21"Stephanie Szostak: I think all the body image talk we have recently is fantastic; about embracing who we are as people. You were in The Devil Wears Prada – have you ever had a demanding boss? My first acting teacher was so mean, but she was fantastic, and I loved her. The first scene I ever got in front of the class and did, she said, “Stop! Because her role has been kept secret, everyone is expecting her character to be someone who exists in the comic books and not just a new character created for the movie. Also, Abigail Brand was co-created by Joss Whedon, which has to have its benefits in regards to being included in Marvel Studios movies.We've compiled some of the rumors and theories that are circulating online, along with one new theory that has supposedly been confirmed by someone claiming inside info. However, Abigail Brand has green hair in the comic books, so she looks way different than Stephanie Szostak looks in the movie.Janet van Dyne – That Stephanie Szostak plays Janet van Dyne, who will later become The Wasp, is one of the most popular theories among fans. Of course, Abigail Brand has been portrayed without green hair on an Iron Man animated series, so it's always a possibility.

Even though the details of the relationship between James Badge Dale and Stephanie Szostak was kept under the wraps, they were in a relationship according to some sources. And seriously my face is so frozen you could punch me and I won't feel a thing.

Yahoo Beauty: You’re a big advocate of body confidence, where does your self-assurance come from? There is really no talk about it out there, boob image if you will. It was super uncomfortable with the guys, but also the girls.

" data-reactid="20"Yahoo Beauty: You’re a big advocate of body confidence, where does your self-assurance come from?

Why not introduce the character in Iron Man 3 to lay the groundwork for her becoming The Wasp in the Avengers 2? The fact that Stephanie Szostak’s character appears like she is about to kiss Tony Stark in the Iron Man 3 trailer would suggest she is someone romantically linked to Tony Stark.

The main thing working against this theory is that Marvel Studios seems to very careful in their superhero casting. At one point, it was rumored that Bethany Cabe would be part of Iron Man 2, so it’s not surprising that she would be showing up now.

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