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I don't care about that [looks], but you know, within limits…

Someone staggeringly beautiful and thick is totally ugly to me.

It sounds silly but I like bookish academics who are slightly odd, and borderline, you know, on the spectrum."In the meantime, the acclaimed star has a packed schedule of new films, one of which is taking her to New York City for the fall to live and raise her daughter.

In regard to the possibility of having more children, Miller is definitely interested. "I'm suddenly feeling very broody for more babies, and my daughter's desperate to have a sibling."In fact, Miller is more in tune with herself and her decisions after an intense recent round of therapy.

Today, Miller says she doesn't see her past beau "that much," but told PORTER magazine Nearly a year ago, the star broke off her engagement to actor Tom Sturridge, whom she had been dating since 2011 and with whom she shares her only child, 3-year-old daughter Marlowe Sturridge.

In the film, directed with quirky swiftness by Thomas Vinterberg, there’s that famous seduction scene (“”) in which Sergeant Troy thrusts a sword at Bathsheba in a thinly veiled phallic gesture.

This week, the stunning British actress was spotted strolling through the streets of Manhattan with the perfect companion - her adorable four-year-old daughter.

In fact, it appears the only thing that can out-chic the Big Apple was the pretty blonde and her doppelganger daughter. Sienna, 34, braved the cool fall weather with a thick wool coat, knitted pastel beanie, completed with cute shades.

"It's actually been the s--ttiest year, and amazing. I feel like if you're excelling in one area, it's hard to manage both and I do feel like the work is going really well.".

This was all the while dealing with the break-up of her partner of four years and Marlowe's dad, Tom Sturridge.

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