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”Eventually, of course, Tony learned to do more than merely turn.Practicing at the now-defunct Oasis Skatepark, the undersized prodigy soon began to attract attention by performing maneuvers well beyond his years.He was crowned vertical skating’s world champion 12 years in a row.As a 17-year old high school senior, Tony’s annual income surpassed that of his teachers, mostly as a result of royalties from his primary sponsor, Powell Peralta skateboards.Tony Hawks is late for our meeting in his local pub. “Sorry I’m late,” Hawks says, arriving shortly afterwards, squeezing his 6ft 3in frame under wooden beams originally built to accommodate undernourished medieval yokels subsisting on half a turnip a day.And that means I must enter this quaint Devon village boozer alone. Hawks made his name with a strikingly literal literary double-bill.Tony Hawk was age 9 when his older brother gave him a blue fiberglass skateboard, chipped and scratched from years of use.The first time Tony stepped on it and rolled down an alley behind the family’s house in San Diego, there was no epiphany, no revelation …

He reached the end driveway, looked back at his brother and shouted, “How do I turn?Throughout his career, Hawk has made numerous appearances in films, other media, and his own series of video games.He has also been involved in various philanthropic activities, including his own Tony Hawk Foundation that helps to build skateparks in underprivileged areas.People came banging at his door,” says Hawks, horrified. This is for life.” Five years ago Hawks was enjoying a bachelor existence in Wimbledon, south west London.Then one evening in 2010 he attended a book event with Private Eye editor and occasional tennis partner Ian Hislop and his novelist wife, Victoria.

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  1. She said: "He was due to come for a visit in August but he wasn't on the flight and then when he rang later that day he said they stopped him at customs to do with tax issues with his business.

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