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Support for Windows 9x is certainly over, but Windows 2000 still has a large corporate installed base, and it wouldn't surprise me if a fix were made available.For those older versions, or if you elect not to take the available update(s), you'll need to do things manually, twice a year.There's (at least :) one risk associated with that strategy, though.These two functions are pretty new -- if bugs are found in them, and they are updated along with timezone data in a new format, your functions could be broken.We have updated our Network Administrator product – You can use it to deploy the patch, and verify it’s installation on machines across your network.Also we have updated the free patch More info about it here Update 2/12/2007 AM EST – We want to also remind you that Outlook, Exchange and Java have their own issues. Please see these links for more info on fixing those issues: Update for 2009: We have updated our free DST patch for Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP.From time to time releases DST Cumulative Updates and Updates for Time Zone changes.

So the question boils down to: how will your computer find out about the new rules? Microsoft Windows If you're already running Windows Vista, you're done. Your copy of Windows either has been, or will be, updated in time for the new DST rules.I was forwarded some email that said the dates for Daylight Saving Time are changing, and that I need to take steps to make sure that my computer's clock would be set correctly.The links went to the Microsoft web site, but I couldn't figure out what I need to do, if anything. Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the United States will be extended by four weeks, beginning this year.In most of Europe, local time is moved forward by 1 hour in Spring and moved backward by 1 hour in Autumn.This happens around March or April and ends in October or November. These shifts are different in North and South hemispheres, and may vary from country to country.

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