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Everyone in the dating game spends untold time, money, and emotional energy trying to find a nice person to chill with on the couch while you both actually watch Netflix — but somehow, most of us still feel like we're striking out constantly. That means thousands and thousands of study subjects have made all kinds of dating mistakes so that you and I don't have to. Luckily, because of the ubiquity of dating (and researchers' enduring fondness for studying all varieties of mating dances), we have a huge bounty of research to draw on.There's a flip side to this strategy: Once you figure out what works, what do you need to do to attract someone with those characteristics? No, what we're saying here has a lot to do with point #1: You want a fun person that likes fun?Show off how much fun you have, and how much fun other people have with you.“You don’t want to be the one who’s always giving up ground, because eventually you’ll become resentful,” r said. A general idea of where your individual lives are going is just the beginning.“You want it to be a back and forth, and a give and take.” Knowing how to meet halfway and balance each others’ needs sets you and your partner up for long-term success. Next come the boring, awkward, or unpleasant conversations about the details that will shape your life together.Self Love: The happiest couples always consisted of two (sometimes more) emotionally healthy and independently happy individuals. They treated themselves with the same type of care that they treated their partner... Emotionally healthy people know how to forgive, they are able to acknowledge their part in any disagreement or conflict and take responsibility for it.

A “yes” won’t always be guaranteed in the process, because there are there are several factors that affect the girl’s decision.

Here are five signs that you’re ready to put a ring on it.

Compromise is essential in any relationship, but one side shouldn’t feel like they’re compromising more than the other.

You’re trying to plan a date, but your schedules just don’t line up.

When you do finally find a time that works, they have to cancel. Are they busy but genuinely interested, or are they avoiding you and trying to let you down easy?

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