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I didn't find this anywhere on TA, so I figure I'll start my own thread.Just a heads-up to new/prospective players or FAQ or whatnot.Issues addressed in the patch· Fixing issue where the client of a map will fall through the map on a specific condition· Fix a few remaining random crashes· Fix a few remaining tracking issues (invisible for the user)· Further improvements on the reliability of the save system to avoid some remaining rare cases of save game corruption.· Fix an issue where the spy doesn’t have a kill prompt when the Merc is crouch against this desk.· Fix a walkthrough break in COOP/Abandoned City mission where the player would not be able to move further in the mission even though they cleared the area.· Fix an issue that prevented the user from continuing the game after Kobin’s map if the player didn’t have enough money to upgrade Paladin.· Fix an issue that made the Nouri mission fail if the player is using the tri-rotor to stun NPCs.· Fix an issue causing the "Rename Loadout" menu to be displayed for the user instead of the "Record Sound" menu if the user follows some certain steps.· Fix an issue that caused a forced termination when quitting game/ejecting disc during Mission Failed screen· Fix an abuse that allowed spy to shoot with a 2 hands weapon while being in shimmy.· Fix an issue that could cause the reinforcement not to make it into the vault when downloading the USB key.· Fix an issue that caused several buttons to lose functionality and caused the leaderboards to get corrupted after browsing through the Shadow Net tabs in a specific order· Fix an issue that could cause the character to spawn with no weapon and without being able to shoot in certain conditions.Improve Kinect voice commands in localisations.· Fix an issue that caused Merc characters to stay up after being killed by H2H during transition between sprint and idle/walk animation.· Fix Kinect voice feature remaining on after being switched off in the menu· ADV - Fixed bug that caused Sticky Cam damage to deal far too much damage.

· ADV - Fix an issue preventing the player to take cover on the wooden board at the entrance of the Garage on the Cartel Map.

If you have the new kinect xbox 360 dashboard and you cannot get your xbox 360 console to read your game discs or DVDs, you are not alone.

An update that was recently applied through Xbox Live makes your discs unreadable.

As we're implementing new technology for our systems, these platforms are not be able to support these changes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Beginning to think this has corrupted my save entirely...

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