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Unfortunately, this kind of bug is part of the ‘Preview Program’ experience: The game is not finished, and while we endeavour to make these development versions reliable, some times they are going to blow up. Looking to the future: rock-solid, reliable saving and loading is crucial and non-negotiable.

We very much appreciate your feedback as we work on making it reliable.

"Note that all Xbox One consoles will receive a prompt for a mandatory update on November 23rd if they have not yet updated to the New Xbox One Experience." The blog adds that not all timezones will get the update at the same time, so it's highly possible that Australians might only get access to the update from midnight.

We can’t give an estimated time for the release, but this is absolutely our top priority and we will update as soon as possible.

The list below does not reflect all bugs and issues passed along to the Development Team.

These are user submitted workarounds that may or may not help if you are encountering issues, and are not officially endorsed as solutions.If you've got your console set to automatically download updates, you won't need to do anything.If not, you'll need to head to your console's settings to check if the update is available for you.I found a line in the xbox support docs that is, at least for me, inaccurate.It says the xbox will check for updates in the "off" state (instant-on low power state), which happens every time I shut the xbox down at night. What I figured out after reading this, and some trial and error, was that I have my Xbox set to "never turn off automatically", and for some reason, this turns off the auto downloading.

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More importantly, the new Xbox Experience unlocks new features like the ability to play some Xbox 360 games, and promises to have a faster overall experience.

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