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It's amazing how a childless, nuptial-free apartment can really set the mood. There was also a good showing for people who hit it once a week (14%), while 18% of folks get wet three times a month. I sincerely, if maybe over-optimistically, hope you weren't crying during some of those self-love sessions—AKA a "sob job." Just a tip for you compulsive self-flagellators: Change it up from time to time. 31% of you like to do it the old-fashioned way with DVDs. You wise-ass knuckleheads, I bet you took the survey pants-less, too.) Okay, REAL TALK: 47% of you said you'd like to act out your favorite type of porn IN REAL LIFE. I've always wanted to do _______ ." (2) Put it on your sex-bucket list in the "maybe" column. 2% of you are DIY as fuck, buying things at the grocery/hardware store to put up and around your butt. OR you use your fancy insurance and look your doctor in the eye while you ask for a full STD screening. Do you ever wonder where all the ANAL SEX IS HAPPENING IN PORTLAND? Johns, "Taint's John's" (as in "John owns your taint"—hey, puns are hard sometimes). (Good job, Division-between-the-cheeks.) And Northeast, you placed third at 8%. already sounds like it's about butts.) Not a lot of butt stuff happening on the Westside. 28% of you meet people to fuck through your friends, 20% of you meet people to fuck online, and 13% of you just meet people randomly.

” but can anyone assume this was an isolated incident? Do you honestly think when he was caught with Divine Brown in 1995 that was the first time he got a blowjob from a hooker in the backseat of car?The idea of getting a blow job from a street walker is revolting.But getting a hand job from a clean masseuse in a sterile, dimly-lit setting, Enya playing softly in the background, the smell of of apricot and jojoba oil lingering in the air — my god, this fantasy is super sonic. ) For those just joining us, two weeks ago I wrote the roughly 50 questions that made up the 2014 Mercury Sex Survey.I aim to scientifically answer these questions: Who are you, Portland? 50% of you are ladies, and less than 50% dudes, while 2% of you would like us to stop asking about yer gender. For a city that's been accused of being promiscuous, being a temporary home to tons of bands rolling through between Eugene and Seattle, and attracting young ballers looking to make a killing in the real estate game—a whopping 63% of you are married or are co-habitating. 7% of you work for the government, and coincidentally, government workers are most likely to jerk off daily!

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