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Approx Two Hundred and Fifty LP Records VARIOUS GENRES. Includes ' Magna Carta' Mercury Label (SMCL 20166), The Wailers ' Catch a Fire' Island Label (ILPS 9241) with Hinged Zippo Lighter Sleeve, ' HMS Donovan' Dawn Label (DNLD4001), Donovan ' A Gift from a flower to a garden' Double LP Boxset, The Elgins ' Darling Baby' T.Motown Label (STML11081), Bridget St John ' Jumble Queen' (CHR1062), Pete Sinfield ' Still' Manticore Label (ANTI 2001), The Rolling Stones ' No.2' and ' Some Girls', Pink Floyds ' Meddle' French Issue, ' A Nice Pair' Double LP and ' Obscured by Clouds' (SHSP 4020), Love ' Four Sail' (EKS 74049), Melanie ' Garden in the City' Scratch & Sniff Sleeve, The Beatles ' Revolver' Parlophone Label, others by Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Blondel and many others.About 30% of Zippo’s sales are to collectors, according to Patrick Grandy, the company’s Corporate Media and Communications Manager.But that’s a figure that doesn’t happen overnight—hell, it took Ty Inc.It stands with famous landmarks as a symbol of the U. Available to the people of the United States since 1933, the Zippo lighter is presently sold in more than 90 countries throughout the world, and has achieved great popularity as a dependable lifetime product.ZIPPO Windproof Lighters enjoy a widespread and enviable reputation as valuable collectibles.The lighters had removable neon flames that lifted out and were placed in the back seat for travel between events .

Yet, here we are, some 83 years later, and the Zippo brand continues to thrive. Well, there are a number of reasons—a determined founder, some clever ad placements, war—but one that shouldn’t be overlooked is collectibility, which is something Zippo has catered to—both knowingly and unknowingly—since its earliest days.

seven years before people camped outside of Hallmark stores for Beanie Babies—and Zippo’s story of collectibility really begins in 1939, almost a decade after the company was founded.

As World War II began, Zippo ceased producing consumer models of their windproof lighter and focused on supplying the army.

Otherwise you'll lead a very dull life.' -- Commander Caractacus Pott, R. (Retired) 'Do not act incautiously when confronting a little bald wrinkly smiling man.' -- Lu-Tze My oldest was given to me by a girlfriend in about 1975. I think my favorite next to it is the one I got in Milwakee in 1993 at the Harley Davidson 90th anniversary Reunion.

I also have a grey one with a Hate Comics character on it that Rilchiam pointed out to me on e Bay a few years ago.

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